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Babydolls are the 4 S's.....sheer, short, sassy and sexy! The babydoll has been around for sometime. It kinda reminds you of a short daytime dress that swings in the wind. As a matter of fact, there are dresses called the "babydoll" and it was derived from the lingerie version of the babydoll. The name was popularized by the 1956 movie Baby Doll starring Carroll Baker in the title role as a 19-year old nymphet, which essentially marked the beginning of the enduring popularity of the style for adults.

It is now a highly eroticized item of...

The Panty Effect

The G-string - The G-string style consists of an elastic string, as opposed to a strip of fabric, connecting the front/pouch and the waistband at back. Since the mid 1920s, female strippers and exotic dancers in the West have been referring to the style of thongs they wore for their performances as G-strings.

The V-string - A type of G-string in which the string is connected to the waistband by a triangle just above the buttocks.

The C-string - As narrow as a G-string but without the band around the waist, leaving just a C shaped piece between the...

To Dare or Not to Wear

Okay ladies, you've seen some of those risque pieces of lingerie that expose everything under the sun right? Well dare to wear! Add some aventure in your life! Go ahead and purchase those crotchless thongs and panties. Be adventurous in exploring those pieces that are a little risque under cover. This allows yourself a chance to express your sexuality! So go ahead ladies tell your husband, boyfriend or lover you have on something a little special for them. I'm sure they would want to see!

Fall for Color

Ladies, Fall is upon us (but it's still hot! ) and we have got to get it together! When choosing your lingerie pieces for this Fall try going for deep colors such as burgundy, deep greens, deep orange, and gold for example. These are warm colors that will sure to heat up the night. Be sure to find a piece that accentuates your skin tone. So for example, if your skin is say pale do not choose gold! This choice of color will wash you right out! Instead, try a deep green or a deep burgundy or even a deep...

Invest In Yourself

Ladies, lingerie is something you should not penny pinch over. It's okay if your pieces costs more than your dress because lingerie is a basiс part of your wardrobe. It's an investment, and of course It makes your outfits look good. If you love yourself, treat yourself every now and then with something special and why not lingerie. See, lingerie holds a certain power. It makes us feel sexy and confident. No matter what age you are ladies be you! Purchase that piece that makes you feel good even if it's a little bit more to spend. Invest in...