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About Us

SashaFranke.com was founded in June of 2012 with two missions. To sell quality lingerie and to let women know that they are beautiful no matter what size, shape or color! Every woman wants to feel beautiful and every woman has a side of her that they would like to bring out!

We are not saying wearing lingerie is the answer to boosting self-esteem or make a woman feel relevant. But what we are saying is that every woman should support each other, encourage each other, stand when times are tough. There is a higher deity who will stand with all of us no matter what we are going through in life. So, with supporting each other and loving ourselves we can make a difference in our own lives and even other women's lives.


Lingerie can be that stepping stone of bringing women together by hosting parties, girls night out and so forth. We all can use a little girl time right? Lingerie is suppose to be beautiful and delicate and so are we. So, why not be who we are? There is nothing wrong with being sexy, there is nothing wrong with being confident in who you are.


SashaFranke is a beautiful and confident woman. Her heart is beautiful, her personality is beautiful, in fact, everything about her is beautiful. She exudes confidence everywhere she goes because she knows there is someone higher who has her back. She walks with her head held high with no worries. She is not afraid to step outside the box and try new things in life. She has an open mind and she speaks it. She is strong, bold, joyful, worthy, and self-assured and don’t forget she can also be FIERCE! Hey...every woman has a little SashaFranke in them and it's YOU!


Our Mission

Our mission is to sell quality merchandise to all our customers and to let every woman know she is beautiful. All our items are inspected before shipping to ensure accuracy and quality for our customers. So, love and treat yourself to something you deserve and why not some beautiful lingerie from SashaFranke.com!


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